WiFi technology has made it possible to monitor the home from a distance…a long distance. Homeowners can use tablet computers, smartphones, and other Web-enabled devices to connect to and control different features of a home security system from the office, park, airport, or nearly anywhere. Some systems even enable adjustment of home climate control systems.

WiFi Based Home Security - Nashville TN

These security systems use cameras to transmit images of the home to a WiFi device and offer WiFi touch screens for enabling and disabling home protection. A parent can disarm the home security system from work when a child is heading home from school. The adult can watch images relayed by cameras to ensure that the child makes it inside safely and can then reactivate desired features of the system.

Advanced technology enables some systems to communicate with other devices in the home including lights, thermostats, and even locks and window shades. If homeowners forget to turn on a light before leaving for the night, they can do this from Web-connected mobile devices. Families on vacation no longer need to put neighbors in charge of watching the home and turning on lights because this can be done remotely.

This seems to be only the beginning of uses for this technology. WiFi-based baby monitoring systems are also hitting the market. When parents are away from home, they can check in on their precious bundles of joy and see how the babysitter is doing. Any new parent can comment on the value of this peace of mind.

Technology is revolutionizing the way we live. With a few swipes on a tablet or mobile phone screen, we may soon be able to have a meal prepared and waiting for us when we arrive home from work. Until then, we can at least keep the home secure and monitor its condition without having to leave our office chairs.