We Install Security Camera Systems

Whether it’s for your home or your business, top-notch security systems help you protect what matters most. The Alarm Lady, Linda Stubblefield, created Unlimited Security to ensure all local Nashville homes and businesses are as safe and secure as possible.

Which Camera Setup Is Right for My Security Needs?

The Unlimited Security team understands that not all security camera systems are created equal, which is why we’re proud to carry and install a variety of surveillance technology to ensure your specific needs are met. Thanks to our dedicated team of security experts, we can help you determine which camera system will be the best fit.

For example, though you might be searching for the ideal camera system for your small business, the best security solution might be one that is generally used more in residential setups (as opposed to those that are marketed for commercial use).

The same goes for your home – it’s just as likely that the features and coverage you’re looking for in a home protection camera system are more often found in systems used in storefront or other brick and mortar business security.

With so many surveillance monitoring camera systems on the market today, knowing and finding just what you’re looking for can be a real challenge.

We Have Options From Trusted Brands

Fortunately, there is Unlimited Security. After we learn a bit more about what you’re after when it comes to overall security and surveillance, we’ll match you up with the camera system that’s right for you – regardless of commercial or residential intent. Unlimited Security is passionate about delivering the quality service and hands-on care both homeowners and business owners deserve. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or are simply on the hunt for an excellent camera security system, Unlimited Security is here to help.

Here are some of the brands we’re proud to sell and install:

  • Axis Communications: A leader in the surveillance/security industry, Axis Communications offers camera protection through a variety of different lenses from the more traditional-looking dome to panoramic.
  • Hikvision: Designed for use in residential areas, Hikvision cameras come in a range of image quality options and styles.
  • Honeywell: A common household name, Honeywell sells excellent surveillance technology as well as the necessary accessories for optimal functioning.
  • Paxton: In the building technology business for over three decades, Paxton cameras are technologically advanced and suitable for many environments.
  • Qolsys: An acronym of sorts for “Quality of Life Systems,” these products can connect wirelessly to a mobile phone for added security and peace of mind.
  • Resideo Pro: A division of Honeywell, Resideo Pro security cameras are wifi-controlled and available in a wide range of styles.
  • Turing: Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Turing cameras offer advanced technological monitoring capabilities.
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When it comes to camera security options in the Nashville area, Unlimited Security is unmatched in our ability to pair customers with a surveillance system that will do everything they need. Dedicated to providing a hands-on experience for their customers, Unlimited Security is the leader in responding to security breaches – we beat the national average by 2 days.

If it’s a solid security camera system you’re after to increase the protection of your Nashville home or business, Unlimited Security is the place to call. Dial 615-436-3060 or reach out to us online now.


Unlimited Security is proud to offer Fire Systems to help protect your home and business.