Residential Security

The first step to taking control of your family’s protection is to call the Alarm Lady, Linda Stubblefield. She believes in delivering quality services with hands-on care, giving each residential or home security system her personal attention because it’s vital to take positive steps to ensure the safety of your family and property. You’ll get experienced and knowledgeable technicians to install the monitored home alarm system of your choice with the options you choose.

Unlimited Security beats the average response time by more than 2 days to serve their clients: residential and business. They will provide you the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Unlimited-Security - Girl Setting Alarm
Unlimited Security - Car Key
  • Intrusion Detection Systems with State-of-the-Art Wireless Technology: Minimal “messing up” woodwork, existing structures…no need to run extensive wiring to get great home protection.
  • Cellular Alarm Monitoring: The best defense when phone lines fail. The Alarm Lady has options available for alarm systems for the home even if you don’t have a traditional phone line. That’s right: no phone, no problem!
  • Home Video Surveillance: Record key risk areas of your home, such as pools or carports, and monitor in-home childcare or service professionals while you’re away. You can access it via your computer, tablet or Smart Phone and store the video on-site or in the cloud.
  • Home Controls: The Alarm Lady offers a variety of keychain remote controls. Some of these include devices to control home energy and enable easier communication with your security system, including Smart Phone apps to make your life easier.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Protect your family and property with sensors that detect fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks, flooding, and high temperature freezing.  No extra monitoring fees!
  • Two-Way Voice Monitoring: When an alarm is activated, customers receive live and hands-free communications with a Monitoring Center operator. Especially helpful for medical emergencies.
  • Personal Safety: From wearable medical monitoring systems to personal location sensors, these small safety devices enable independent life and provide peace of mind to concerned family members and caregivers.
  • Latchkey Services: You can be notified with an email or text message when your child arrives home safely.

The bottom line is we have the latest technology in security system for homes available today.

For your free on-site security assessment call the Alarm Lady so you can rest easily, no matter your situation.


The camera systems available through Unlimited Security have got you covered for both your residence and business.