Watch For Bogus Security Companies and Alarm Scams

We would like to alert our customers of a potential scam that has been going on around the country.

As a Nashville, TN security provider, we feel it is our responsibility to let our community know about a practice that has victimized people across the country. People are going door-to-door as sales workers using dishonest sales tactics in an attempt to scam homeowners to either switch their security system to the scammers that work for a company located out of the state or buy a brand new bogus security alarm system from their company.

These disreputable companies employ temporary summer workers to aggressively canvass neighborhoods selling residential security systems. They have been known to use unethical and dishonest sales tactics meant to mislead and confuse the homeowner. They have proven to target not only people already under contract with other alarm companies (a violation of most state Consumer Affairs Law), but also the elderly, intimidating them using the fear of living alone to over-sell unsuspecting seniors.

Some of the tactics these summer workers use:

They will often say they work for a security system manufacturer. They have been known to wear shirts and hats with the GE, Honeywell or Ademco logo. The truth is that reputable security manufacturers don’t sell directly to the public.

They appear with no appointment. Reputable security alarm companies always call to set up an appointment prior to sending out a technician.

They may tell you that they are there to convert your paperwork to the “new company name” – you want to check with your current company because most likely there is NO “new company name.”

They may say they are there to “upgrade” your existing system to “current” technology, often installing inferior equipment using sub-par installation methods.

They may tell you they are “advertising directors” and are offering you a special advertising deal because they like the look and location of your house.

They may even misrepresent that your current security company is “going out of business.” If that was true the reputable company would let you know.

To ensure you are dealing with an Alarm Company Professional, please be sure to:

Ask for an ID Badge, business card, or literature with their company name on it.

Ask for proof of their Tennessee Alarm License (badge or number) for Sales Reps and Installation Technicians. All reputable alarm company’s are licensed by the State of Tennessee and can produce their license. You will see Unlimited Security’s # at the bottom of every page of our website.

Ask who will be monitoring your account and whether that specific monitoring service is “guaranteed” over the length of the contract.

Clarify who will be doing any work within your home – a licensed professional employee of the alarm company or an unlicensed, unregulated subcontractor?

It’s important to report these unethical sales people in order to get them off the streets. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 615-436-3060.


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