santa chimneyThe holidays are often considered to be the happiest and most festive time of year, but if you become a victim of theft, then the mood in your household can switch dramatically in no time. Fortunately, we have some tips to ensure you don’t come home to broken windows, stolen gifts, and damaged property. Work with the team at Unlimited Security today to get the personalized care and attention you deserve. We’d love to help you out soon!

Invest In A Security System

First things first, make sure you have a good security system installed, and let us help you keep it up to date. Robbers are far less likely to invade a home that is clearly set up with cameras, bright lights, and an alarm system, as this significantly increases their likelihood of getting caught in the act.

Here at Unlimited Security, we are committed to helping you and your loved ones stay as safe and as secure as possible, no matter what. It’s an unfortunate fact that burglary rates increase significantly throughout Christmas, so now is the time to be prepared for anything. We can set you up with a system that is personalized to your needs and preferences, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you get the top-notch protection you deserve. Reach out today to learn more.

Take Precautions Before Traveling

Planning on visiting relatives at some point? It’s common to make a trip or two at some point during the holiday season, so we urge you to take a few extra precautions, as burglars tend to target homes that appear unoccupied. With hundreds of dollars worth of gifts under the tree, this is not the time to take any chances!

First of all, it’s a wise idea to put your television, radio, lights, and any other loud electronics on a timer, so that it appears someone is inside of your home. Another good tip is to ask a friend or neighbor to get your mail, clear out your driveway, and check in on things now and then. A full mailbox and sidewalk full of snow are both obvious giveaways that you’ve been gone for a while!

Also, if possible, keep a vehicle parked in your driveway. This, again, will make it seem as if someone may still be in the home. Just a few easy steps could make all the difference in deterring criminals, and it could save you and your family a lot of distress this holiday season.

Rethink Social Media Updates

It’s always fun to share festive photos and memories with friends and family online, but these posts can often be an easy way for people with bad intentions to target your home. If someone is looking to steal and somehow sees online that you are spending the week hours away with extended family, then you’ve given them all the information they need to make you their next victim.

Not only will they know your home is unoccupied, but they’ll also know they have ample time to strategize and plan things out, thus minimizing their chances of getting caught. Don’t make it so simple! Leave the social media posts for later, when you’re already back at home, or do your best to be vague when adding anything.

Keep A Record Of Valuables

If you keep precious heirlooms, priceless artwork, or expensive jewelry throughout your living space, keep track of exactly what they are and what they look like. It’s a good idea to keep photos of these things, so that police can easily track them should they be taken out of your home. Along with this, taking a quick snapshot of your jewelry box before you leave can help you know whether or not your missing ring or necklace was taken or simply misplaced. If it’s in the picture when you leave, and it’s gone when you get home, then you know someone must have stolen it.

Don’t Make It Easy

We understand that the holidays can be a fast-paced and hectic time of year. This especially goes for bigger families with lots of kiddos to monitor! When you are in a hurry, it can be easy to leave your home without locking your doors and windows or setting your alarm system, but we urge our customer base to extra careful in this area.

Many thieves are simply waiting for that easy opportunity to sneak into someone’s space and grab what they can. Just one open window or unlocked door can make you the next victim. Don’t make it easy for them! Make it a habit to check all locks before leaving and urge your family members to do the same. It’s worth taking a few extra minutes to secure your home before heading out anywhere.

Always Play It Safe

If you do come home and things look suspicious (broken windows, an open door, things out of place, etc.), don’t go inside! Call the police immediately and have them check things over. It’s always better to play it safe, and you never know what you may find or who might still be inside of your home. A local officer will be happy to check things over, then help you move forward regarding any criminal activity within your household.

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