At Unlimited Security, we like to educate our customers on personal safety wherever they may be. Many of us spend a big portion of our time at the workplace, so staying safe at work is crucial. No matter if you work in a corporate office, a restaurant, a school, a store, or even at home, using common sense and following work safety recommendations can make the workplace much more secure. The National Crime Prevention Council has listed simple work safety tips that we would like to share with you to help you stay safe on the job.


  • If you cannot keep your personal belongings (your purse, wallet, keys, and any other valuable items) with you at all times, lock them in a drawer, closet, office, locker, or other secure space.
  • Never be alone in the office, store, or other workplace late at night. Have a buddy system set up to walk together to the parking lot or public transportation stop after hours. If you must walk out to your car or transportation stop alone, ask a security guard to escort you.
  • In the case of an emergency, know the contents of your company’s emergency plan. If your workplace does not have an emergency plan, you can volunteer to create one.
  • Your company should provide you with an emergency kit at the workplace. If not, you can make a supply kit with a flashlight, walking shoes, water bottle, nonperishable food, and other emergency necessities to keep in a safe place where you work.
  • If any strangers enter your office, check their identity. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, report it immediately to security.
  • Protect yourself from sexual harassment at work. If you notice signs of any sort of sexual harassment, report it to the appropriate person. Also, notify this person if you see anyone exhibit signs of violent behavior.
  • If you work from home, you will want to make additional security measures to the ones you have already set up for your house. Try hanging window treatments that will block any view into your office space. You do not want a potential thief looking in your home office window and spying your expensive office equipment.
  • Take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy if you work from home. You want to be sure your policy covers your office space properly.
  • Keep an inventory list with serial numbers and photos of all of your office equipment in a home safe or a safe-deposit box at a bank. Update the list whenever you get new equipment. You should also mark your equipment with some type of identification.
  • Anyone making a delivery or a pickup from your home office should never enter your home. You should also ask for valid identification from the person before you even open your door.
  • If you own the business, you should closely examine the physical layout of the workplace, your employees, your hiring procedures, operating practices, and any other special security risks. Look at your business’ vulnerability to every sort of crime, from embezzlement to robbery. Stay updated on crime prevention information, and maintain a good working relationship with your local law authorities.

Have more questions about workplace safety? You can contact Unlimited Security with any questions you may have about how to stay safe at work.