Home security systems are meant to make families feel safe, but how do you know if the companies are reputable or not? In some cases, dishonest companies will send people into the home representing another company or use strong-arm tactics to have their system put in place of an existing system. Here are some things to look out for if you are approached by a security company.

  1. Some companies will send employees to the home as a representative of the actual manufacturer. They may pretend to check the equipment and find something wrong with it or deliberately sabotage the equipment. No manufacture will deal directly with the public, so if they are representing themselves in this manner, they are more than likely trying to set up a scam.
  2. Free upgrades are also a common scam. Companies will send in a representative acting as though they are with your current company explaining how the current equipment is outdated. Once the new equipment is installed, they will have you sign off on paperwork that actually enrolls you in their service.
  3. Sometimes false claims of going out of business are used to create a sense of panic in the homeowner. This is especially effective against the elderly, as they worry about being home alone with no protection if the company shuts down. They will try to convince you to convert over to a more secure company that is no danger of shutting down, giving you more peace of mind.

The reality is that no reputable company will simply show up without an appointment. In addition, they should have the proper credentials. Ask the “representative” for these credentials and then call your company directly to verify them. Do NOT use a number they provide, as it is more than likely a different number to the company pulling the scam. Instead, use the phone number on your original installation paperwork. Moreover, whatever you do, do not let his person in your home, as the scam could also be a thief casing your home for a theft at a later date.