Recent news stories all over the country of home invasions have brought home security to the forefront. Homeowners are more interested in home security and security procedures than ever before. There are some basic tips regarding your home alarm system that can help you to maintain the integrity of the system and keep your home safer.

The alarm code is where home security starts. The code should not be something easily figured out by an outsider. For instance, using the birthday of all family members or anniversary dates is something that anyone familiar with the family may figure out given enough time.

Pick random numbers that have no meaning at all for each individual. To make sure nobody forgets their code, create a name in everyone’s contact list on their phone. If the code is a four-digit number, create a phone number that includes the security code in the contact. However, which four numbers of the phone number are the actual code will be up to each individual.

If you have a system that allows different codes, it is advised to assign each family member their own code. This way, if there is a problem, the homeowner will be able to figure out exactly which code was used at the time of the problem. If you have to give access to someone while you are not home, create a separate code for him or her and disable it immediately upon completion of the job.

Codes should be changed during the course of the year, but not so much that you forget the code. For instance, changing the code every week or month is a bit excessive. Instead, chance the code during daylight savings or on the first day of every quarter. When the codes are changed, make it on a day that everyone is home so they can get their new code and not risk triggering the alarm.