Home security is significant. Few people would question that. Each member of your family should be aware of the things to do when unexpected things happen. No one is exempt from the potential dangers that are out there. This is why it is important that you start teaching your children about home security at an early age. This will not only help you protect your entire home, but it will also further their understanding of safety in the future. So here are some things that can serve as guide for you when it comes time to teach your child about home security.

The first and most important thing that you should teach your child is the number to call in case of an emergency – 911. However, make sure they understand why this is to only be called when it’s an emergency. Prank calls tie up services that may be required for real emergencies. Also, make sure they understand how helpful 911 can be when the emergency is real. For instance, they can guide a person through the necessary steps to take when someone has been injured, and they are waiting on the ambulance.

It is also important that you teach and remind your children to lock all doors before sleeping or leaving the house. Also, teach them where to go in the event of a fire. Teach them which exits to use that will help them safely escape. It would also be helpful to show your child how to secure all windows before sleeping and before leaving the house. Make a list of emergency numbers that your child can call during certain situations, too.

Internet safety is important, as well, and that is why you should educate your child on managing their privacy settings. Also, tell your child not to disclose personal information on different social networking sites where they are registered.