Imagine waking up to your smoke detectors sounding and smoke filling your home. Obviously, you need to ensure you and your loved ones get out fast, but in an event like this, time is of the essence. In a panicked state, it can be hard to get your mind straight and come up with a strategic plan, and you could lose valuable seconds necessary for getting everyone safely outdoors.

Because of this, it is always smart to have a plan. Here at Unlimited Security, we offer everything you need to be alerted to a fire, and we are set up to alert the proper authorities of an emergency, as well. Yet, you still need to be ready once our system’s alarm sounds. Not sure where to start? Study some of our tips.

How To Make A Plan

hands holding up a signFirst things first, gather your family together, and stress the importance of establishing a plan. It is important that your children know the significance of practicing ways out and sticking to them in the event of a fire. Once everyone is ready to work together, it is time to time to lay out possible escape routes.

Start by going through your home, room by room, and figuring out multiple ways out of each space. For example, one might try the door first and, if that is blocked, head for the window. You will also want to go through the house and ensure all doors and windows can be easily opened, so you are not forced to waste time breaking through them.

Have infants, small children, or someone with a physical disability in the home? Assign individuals to assist each of these people to ensure everyone gets out safely. You may also want to assign a back-up person, should the original person not be home at the time of the fire.

When you have established concrete escape routes, designate a specific meeting spot outside of your home where everyone can come together once they have gotten out. This will give you the opportunity to account for everyone, and if someone is missing you can tell the firefighters exactly who to look for and where.

Once you have a plan established, practice it. You should run through your escape routes multiple times a year to ensure they are ingrained and fresh in everyone’s mind. It is also good to keep certain tips in mind, as well, such as shutting doors to slow the spread of fire or staying low to keep smoke exposure at a minimum.

Once You Are Out…

And remember – once you are out, stay out! You should never enter a burning building under any circumstances. If you are concerned that a loved one is trapped inside, let a firefighter know immediately. They have the appropriate training and equipment to perform a rescue, and they can work to get the person out.

Need A Fire Alarm?

Now, an escape plan is no good without a fire system warning you of danger. If you have yet to get yours installed, count on our team to set you up today. Unlimited Security is ready to have your back every step of the way!