When you purchase a home security monitoring system from Unlimited Security, you have the option of adding on smoke detector alarms to your system. This can be even better than the average smoke alarm because the monitoring center will immediately contact the authorities to get to your home as quickly as possible to stop the fire. However, to save the lives of yourself, your family, and your pets, you need to have a home escape plan in place so that everyone can get out of the house as fast as you can. If you do not already have this type of plan, Unlimited Security would like to share with you some tips from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to help you design the best escape plan for your family.Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan - Nashville TN - Unlimited Security

Start by gathering the entire family and draw a map of your home that includes all windows and doors. You can download a grid at the NFPA link above that can help you draw the map. Walk through the entire house with your family to find at least two ways to get out of each room.

Ensure that every escape route has no blockages from any sort of debris. You will also want to be sure every window and door can easily open. If you have security bars on any window, they should have an emergency release option to be able to exit the window.

Choose a specific location outside of your house as the family meeting place. This is where everyone should go after getting out of the home. You will want to choose something permanent, such as your mailbox, a tree, or a light pole, that is a safe distance from the house.

Consider the strengths and limitations of each family member. If you have any elderly people, infants, or adults with mobility problems, you will need to assign someone to help these people get out of the house. You also should assign a family member to be responsible for each pet you have inside your home.

When the smoke alarm is alerted, immediately go outside to your designated meeting place and stay there until the authorities allow you to go back inside. Your family should practice this escape plan once a month so if a fire does happen, everyone will know exactly what to do and where to go.

Your safety is always our main concern at Unlimited Security. Contact us to find out how we can install monitored smoke alarms in your home. We are also happy to help you with planning your escape routes, if needed.