In the technology of today, running a business involves different approaches when it comes to security. Computer hackers as well as international groups target the websites of businesses to look for sensitive data. Online criminals can find financial information concerning the business and its employees and use this information to commit identity theft or to disrupt daily business activities. If you own a business, knowing how to best protect your work computers can prevent anyone from being able to access your information. Unlimited Security would like to share with you some advice from the U.S. Small Business Administration to help you stay secure and safe online.

Set cyber security rules for your employees.

Cyber Security Tips - Nashville TNDescribe to your employees how to handle and protect personally identifiable information online and on company computers. Clearly post the online security policies for your business, and make sure your workers know what will happen to them if they violate these policies.

Install antivirus software on all work computers.

You should have both antivirus and antispyware software installed on every computer used in your business. Keep up with every available update to this software to keep everything protected.

Practice safe social media networking.

Your employees could possibly reveal trade secrets on social media sites about your business without realizing it if they are not instructed on what they should or should not say about your company online. Safe social networking will help prevent serious risks to your business.

Ask yourself how you can best assess and manage risks.

Asking questions about what you most need to protect and what would most impact your business. Computer hackers typically like to target smaller businesses because they tend to be less protected than large corporations. Making a list of priorities of what information should be the most closely guarded will also help you to assess and manage risks.

Make a habit of backing up your business data and information on a regular basis.

You should include every computer used in your business when you are backing up important data. Examples of things that you should keep copies of include word documents, spreadsheets, databases, financial files, and human resources files. If possible, back up automatically. If this is not an option, make it a practice to do this weekly.

Secure Wi-Fi networks.

You can hide your Wi-Fi network by configuring your wireless access point or router so that it does not broadcast the network name, or Service Set Identifier (SSID). You should also make sure that a password is required to be able to gain access to your Wi-Fi network. Changing the administrative password that was on your router or wireless access point when you purchased it is another smart preventive step.

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