Checking your e-mail, browsing social media, playing games, and reading up on the latest news stories are just a few of the countless things we can do on our mobile phones. With so many apps and programs at our fingertips, it seems like security features for our homes should be more accessible, too. Well, good news… Now, they are! When you work with Unlimited Security, it’s no problem at all to check on your property any time you’d like.

Easy Access Every Time

person holding phone in handSo, how does it work? Just download the app and you’ve got control over your home. This could mean controlling the energy levels in your home or accessing the functions of your security system with the press of a button. This not only makes your life easier… it gives you that peace of mind you hope to gain when investing in a security system!

At Unlimited Security, we’re all about doing everything possible to ensure you feel safer and more secure. A major reason why homeowners invest in security is to keep their belongings safe while they are away! After all, homes without security systems are way more likely to be broken into than homes with them.

With this app, you don’t have to simply set your alarm and hope for the best. You’ll have 24/7 access to your property no matter how far away your travel plans take you. Easy access, every time!

Crazy Work Schedule? No Problem

Does your work schedule mean leaving your kids at home alone? If your office hours run late or if you’re stuck working an evening shift, then it can be a bit worrisome knowing your little ones are holding down the fort on their own. Here’s another instance where our app can put your mind at ease!

It’s now easier than ever to ensure your kids arrive home safely from school and stay safe at home while you’re still out of the house. Your living space should be an area where both you and your children can feel protected and secure, and we have the tools to keep everyone feeling safe and sound all the time. There’s really no better way to minimize stress and gain relief day to day.

Trouble While You’re Away?

If you’re traveling and something or someone sets off your alarm system, you may not even know trouble has occurred until you arrive home days later. Or, if you were notified via a phone call or text, it can be unsettling waiting until the end of your trip or vacation to get home and check things over. Don’t let this ever become a problem you have to face! Work with us, download the app, and you don’t have to stress any longer.

Controlling your home and checking on your property, even when you’re miles and miles away, is a convenience that cannot be beaten. Let us set you up right today with a system that is personalized to your needs and desires. At Unlimited Security, every customer is part of our family, so you can rest assured that your setup will offer the protection you deserve.

Please give us a call today!