Owners of homes and businesses, both big and small, are turning to private security companies to keep an eye on their investments. Over thirty million locations were protected by privately monitored security alarms in 2010, fairly evenly split among residences, businesses, and industrial workplaces. Aware of slow or no response to alarms by over-burdened local police, consumers of all types are increasingly choosing private monitoring of their premises.

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Protection of Many Types

Most police departments, already strapped for resources, will not monitor the burglar alert systems themselves, because they are so often false alarms. Where “central stations” of private security firms exist, they are the ones who contact the police in the event of a true break-in. This allows police resources to be directed where they are actually needed, which better safeguards everyone.

While no one can afford it, small businesses especially cannot afford to lose their sometimes small profits to loss through theft or outright sabotage. From shop-lifters to angry waiters that spit in soup, video surveillance catches it digitally, protecting owners from theft as well as legal action. A video record of whatever happened can prove a sexual harassment or discrimination claim false.

Increasing numbers of people are realizing that video surveillance of home and business offers protections beyond police dispatch when no one else is looking. Nannies looking after children and attendants for the sick and elderly can themselves be watched. Motion triggers of security cameras make it unnecessary for salespeople to follow customers around the shop…which they hate! The bartender is being watched.

Private Security

Security alarms will alert professionals to a break-in after hours, and – unless the alarm is quickly cancelled – they let police know it is the real thing. That always means better protection from theft, and more people are recognizing that it can mean more. In addition to alerting security professionals to intruders at a small business or home, these ‘video recorders’ keep an eye on everything.