Technological advances are truly amazing sometimes, never truer than for home security systems. People are now remotely resetting thermostats with cell phones. Programmable thermostats were a definite improvement, but they still relied on predictable routines. If an unexpected storm moved in, there was no way they could help without your fingers on them.

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Now your fingers can be on any key pad and any internet connection can let you change things in your house. Thermostats offer just one super-simple example of the ways in which homeowners are now interacting with their houses thanks to security systems. It is no big deal if you forgot that the house cleaners are coming as access can actually be granted from afar.

Different Tools for Different Times

Home safety remains the point of security systems, but homeowners are using their friendly computers to turn them into other tools. Individual access codes are tracking exactly who comes and goes and when. Cameras are being armed to activate for some and not for others. Even the arming can now be done remotely, so forgetting to do it is no longer a problem.

Still using them to prevent intruders and monitor gases, homeowners are letting their security systems give them more time with the kids. They are checking in on after-school activity, and ensuring that the system was re-armed when the whole gang took off. They are skiing on weekends and enjoying mountain fireplaces without worrying about their own. They can now monitor non-toxic gas to prevent the dangerous ones.

The security system industry is fast changing to keep up with modern lifestyles that are busy and fast moving. “Lifestyle security” means protecting not only your loved ones and home but your lifestyle and theirs. Easy remote access to their houses and an always watchful presence are giving homeowners good reasons to secure their lives, with some truly amazing systems.