As with any technology, home security is making advancements that would have seemed surreal just a decade ago. Today’s home security is more technologically savvy than ever before. As the homeowner, this means you have more options at various price points to keep you and your family safe from potential criminals. Here is five of the leading technological advances in home security:

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  1. Wireless – going wireless has enables security companies to lower costs while not sacrificing the integrity of the system. In fact, home security systems are more secure because of this very feature. It is much easier to create security “zones” in the home and makes it more difficult to trigger a false alarm.
  2. Entertainment System Integration – no longer is there is a single room or area in the home for monitoring security. You can see it from your home computer just as easily as you can see it on the bedroom TV, literally offering peace of mind wherever you are located in the home.
  3. Smart Phone/ Remote Applications – this is probably one of the more popular features of modern home security systems. Smart phones are now capable of providing both remote observance and control capabilities. Homeowners can turn on the lights or check in on the kids simply by tapping the app button on their phone.
  4. Emergency Response – to some level, this service has been around for years. However, these services have been much more refined. Whether using the main keyboard, the home computer, or a smart phone app, the homeowner can summon any emergency service needed.
  5. Smart Homes – many of the systems today have integrated “smart” features that were never available to the homeowner before. For instance, they can now monitor heating levels or control internal lighting remotely. This ties into several of the points mentioned prior and allows the homeowner to not only keep their home safe, but also energy effecient!