In 1997, Unlimited Security opened its doors, hoping to make a difference in homes throughout the area. Now, 20 years later, we are lucky enough to still be here, doing all we can to make the homes and businesses of Middle, TN safer and more secure. We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty. Also, we would like acknowledge our staff for helping Unlimited Security build a strong reputation, making a prominent name for itself.

Thank You Middle TN For 20 Great Years - Nashville TN - Unlimited SecurityOur Clients, Our Family

In everything we do, we make sure to uphold our company motto – Treat Our Clients Like Family. This phrase has stuck with our company for years and helps us to always remember what this business is truly about. Our passion is to educate others on how to be safe and provide the resources necessary to do just that.

The Alarm Lady

So, who runs the show? Linda Stubblefield is known as “the alarm lady” because she makes security her number one priority. In everything she does, it is clear that she is here to keep people safe with products they can depend on. She is involved and compassionate. This is why customers know they can call on her and Unlimited Security whenever they need to.

On top of this, her involvement in various organizations and associations shows that she is passionate about expanding her own knowledge. This is so she can continue to provide the best service possible for many more years to come.

Protect Your Home Or Business Today

If you are concerned about the safety of your home, now is the time to contact us. We have the knowledge and equipment you need to ensure your loved ones can rest easy in their home. Our staff will set up all of the appropriate systems and will train you on how to use them. We can easily personalize everything to meet your specific needs. In addition, we are more than willing to accommodate you as much as possible.

If your business needs protection, we can do that, too! We have countless security products and can install them wherever they are needed. Look at all we have to offer! We promise you will not be turning anywhere else for your security needs.

Contact Us Today!

You can reach us by phone, e-mail, or by simply stopping on by. Our website is filled with information about our various services and products. Plus, we also highlight safety tips, as well! You deserve peace of mind when it comes to your home, family, and business. Please contact us today, so that we can take the appropriate steps to meet any and all of your security needs. Thanks for choosing us!