When you move from one home to another, you can be more vulnerable to crime because of the amount of things on your mind. Being preoccupied with your moving to-do list can make you unaware of suspicious activity in your surroundings. Summertime is a popular time for people to move, and it is important to stay alert during the entire moving process. Warmer weather makes it easier for thieves to watch you loading or unloading a truck from a distance. You should be even more vigilant in your new neighborhood since you will be unfamiliar with the normal comings and goings in the area. Unlimited Security wants to help you stay secure when you are moving this summer, and we would like to share with you some moving security tips.


movers moving boxes for coupleIn today’s world, people like to share important details, like moving, on social media, but the national moving company Mayflower warns against broadcasting every detail of your move. Telling as few people as possible about when you are actually moving can keep you and your belongings safe. If you are hiring professional movers, do as much as you can to be sure the company is legitimate by checking their reputation through the Better Business Bureau. It is also a good idea to check out your new neighborhood before you move to be better prepared.


If you do not have any friends or family who can guard the truck as items are moved into the new home, consider hiring someone to stand watch to protect your belongings. If your new home is close enough to your old home to make multiple trips back and forth, be sure you lock all entry doors to both locations before leaving. You will want to keep valuable items like jewelry and silver in your car. While you are moving, you need to be aware at all times where your purse is. Remember the possibility of thieves watching you, so you never want to leave your purse or any other valuables unattended.


One of the first things you should do when you move into a new home is to have all of the locks changed. You never know who could have a key to your new home so changing the locks is a high priority. You will also want to cover all windows so no one can look in to see your belongings. If you do not have curtains or blinds yet, you can hang up blankets or sheets to cover the windows. Often, it is necessary for service people to come to your home to connect your utilities. Be sure you have someone at home with you when these people come to your home. If you live alone, do not tell this to any service people.

By following these tips, you can stay safe and secure when you move. Contact us at Unlimited Security for more safety and security tips.