There’s not a lot worse than having your personal safety threatened. At Unlimited Security, we want to do all we can to make you feel more secure in your own environment! If you’ve worked with us, you know that we have tons of tools and equipment to make your home a safer place to be in.

We also care about the security of you and your home when you are out and about! Times of transition can often leave you more vulnerable, so keep these tips in mind the next time you’re away from home. Then, call on us at Unlimited Security to learn more about what we can do for you!

Always Set Your Alarm System

Your security system is there for a reason. By neglecting to set the alarms before leaving your home, you are giving burglars easy access when you could have easily scared them away! Make sure all of the equipment you have is in place and ready to go, so that you can rest easy when you’re away from home. Why take any risks, when you can gain the security you deserve with us?

Make Your Home Look Occupied

Robbers look for easy targets. They want to get in, take what they want, then escape with as little attention drawn to them as possible. If it appears as though a house is occupied, chances are they aren’t going to take the risk of robbing it. They’ll move onto another spot that shows less signs of activity.

If you’re leaving for the day (or for multiple days), it’s not a bad idea to put timers on your lights, televisions, and radios. If these are going off and on, it makes it look like there are people inside of the home and a burglar will likely pass up any idea of stealing your things.

And if you’re gone for awhile? Ask a neighbor to get your mail or park in your driveway from time to time. You could also hire someone to mow the lawn or shovel snow (depending on the time of year), so that no clues are given that the house is vacant for an extended period of time. Empty homes are the ultimate targets – don’t let yourself become a victim!

Always Play It Safe

If you do come home to some suspicious activity, call the police and do not attempt to enter your house. Things like broken windows, open doors, and slit screens are all signs that something is not right. It’s never worth risking the health and well-being of you or your family members. Get the professionals on the job and make sure the coast is clear before assessing any damage.

Start A Watch Program

Another great idea for keeping your home safer when you’re away is to start a neighborhood watch program. This will ensure that everyone is keeping an eye on everyone else and your neighbors can notify you or the proper authorities if they see someone questionable sneaking around your home.

We can’t wait to help you out soon. Give us a call today!