Over our years in business, Unlimited Security has seen how successful neighborhood crime prevention programs can be to keep communities safe from thieves and burglars. The Neighborhood Watch program, in particular, continues to be an excellent deterrent of crime. If your neighborhood does not have its own Neighborhood Watch program, you can easily organize one yourself with the help of your neighbors. Since Unlimited Security places a high value on keeping our customers and our community safe and secure, we would like to share some information from the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) about the Neighborhood Watch program with some tips on starting your own neighborhood crime prevention group.

What exactly is the Neighborhood Watch program?

neighborhood watch signDeveloped in response to requests from sheriffs and police chiefs who were trying to find a crime prevention program that involved citizens, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) launched the Neighborhood Watch program in 1972. Counting on citizens to organize themselves, law enforcement works with residents to keep a trained eye and ear on their neighborhoods. This program has worked so successfully because it significantly reduces opportunities of crime to even occur.

What should I do to organize a Neighborhood Watch program in my neighborhood?

To start up a Neighborhood Watch program, the NCPC provides the following tips:

  • Work with local law enforcement – Your local police and sheriff’s office are crucial to the credibility of a Neighborhood Watch group. You can receive training and all other necessary information needed from your local law enforcement.
  • Host regular meetings – For a successful Neighborhood Watch program, you will need to schedule regular meetings for your group where neighbors can get to know each other and decide on activities on strategies for your program.
  • Know the facts about your neighborhood – Not only can your local law enforcement help you get your Neighborhood Watch program started with training, but they can also provide you with neighborhood crime records and police reports. You should also get out and talk to your neighbors about their perceptions of crime in the neighborhood. Many times, neighbors’ opinions about crime can be distorted, and if you have factual records about neighborhood crime, this accurate information can reduce fear.
  • Sponsor neighborhood cleanups – Abandoned cars and overgrown vacant lots can contribute to crime. Sponsoring cleanups by your Neighborhood Watch group can be an excellent crime prevention activity. Through this type of action, you can also encourage residents to beautify the area. Additionally, work with small businesses in your neighborhood to repair rundown storefronts, clean up trash from the streets, and offer employment to young people in the area.

Want to know more about starting a Neighborhood Watch group? Contact Unlimited Security to find out how we can help you prevent crime in your neighborhood.