A commercial security alarm system is a must-have for any business.  If you want your business to be safe at all times, you need to protect it well.  Installing a system to protect against crimes – vandalism, burglary, and other common crimes – is going to give you more peace of mind than you might expect.  When it comes to selecting the ideal alarm system for your business, you have to think about what you need and which features are most important.  Consider the following features as you begin evaluating commercial security alarm systems.

From security cameras to excellent customer service, we can work with you to ensure the safety of your business.

From security cameras to excellent customer service, we can work with you to ensure the safety of your business.

What We Provide

Intrusion detection and video surveillance

Even if you have an alarm, criminals can still find a way to bypass it.  If you have motion sensors installed with your system, it will be more difficult for them to get through your business and cause any harm without setting off the alarm in the process.  You need to be able to monitor your business so that you can catch anyone who breaks in or commits crimes against your business.  With cameras positioned at all the entry points as well as throughout the business, it will be easier to monitor authorized and unauthorized individuals who are coming and going.

System monitoring

Any commercial security alarm system needs 24-hour monitoring.  Knowing your business is in the hands of a company who will monitor it at all times will make you feel much safer and reassured that your business is monitored and will be protected in the event that the alarm is triggered.  Smart Phone apps, which make it possible to view the event log as well as see your facility via video, have added an additional layer of monitoring not previously available.

Customer service and support

This isn’t usually a feature that you would look for in your commercial system, but you really need to make sure that you get these two things.  You can’t (and shouldn’t) trust your business to just anyone, and ensuring that you’re buying your alarm system from a reputable company that you are able to keep in touch with and trust is very important, as it will provide you with added peace of mind that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

These are all great features to consider when you are investing in a commercial security alarm system.  Do your research before you make a decision to figure out which system(s) are best for your business and how you can make the most of your purchase.  Look for professional, reputable services that will give you everything that you want and need in your commercial security system.  If you’ve invested yourself and your money into a business, you need to make sure that you invest in its protection, too.  At Unlimited Security, we are serious about residential and commercial security alarm systems.  We are dedicated to providing you peace of mind.  Contact us today to see how we can help you!