It’s finally springtime and you know what that means… It’s time to write out a to-do list! Many think of this as the ideal time to deep clean their home or invest in renovations, but we encourage homeowners in the area to take this time to evaluate their security needs. With warmer weather comes more crime, so you could really benefit by ramping up your security and taking some extra precautions.

Check out some items that you can add to your security checklist by reading below, then contact us with any questions. We are ready and willing to help you out!

Lock Your Doors & Windows

We know that nicer weather and sunny days give everyone the urge to open windows and doors. A cool breeze flowing through the house ensures a day at home that is as relaxing as ever! Just be sure to double check them all before you leave to run errands or spend an evening out. Just one open window gives a burglar extra easy access to your home and, since nothing was broken and no alarms went off, it may be awhile before you even realize something went missing!

Stay safer by doing one last run-through before you leave. It’s an easy step and you’ll be happy you took it!

Invest In Extra Lighting

Lighting your yard space can make a big difference as to whether or not your home becomes a target. Thieves love dark spaces because it means they have less chance of getting caught, so this could be a deciding factor in whether they break into your home or decide to move onto somewhere else!

Put Your Cameras To Use

If you have a video surveillance system, then be sure you are putting it to use! At Unlimited Security, we have tons of great options and features that allow you to personalize your security system to meet your every need. You can add smartphone access, home controls, latchkey services, and more, so you’ll be notified at the first sign of unusual activity, whether you are in the home or not.

Should a break-in occur, you’ll know about it immediately and proper authorities can be at your location right away. You can then look back on your footage in hopes of finding the perpetrator and recovering your losses. Along with this, a review of the footage will give you insight into what areas of your home may need to be secured stronger and/or differently.

Have A Fire System Installed

No matter what time of year it is, fire safety should always be a priority! If you don’t have a fire system in place, have the team at Unlimited Security set you up with one, so you can rest easier in your home. We install, inspect, and monitor these systems, so you will have the fire department on their way at the very first sign of trouble. Even if you aren’t at home, our team will ensure firefighters get there in a hurry!

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