Cellular-based security systems are the latest generation in home security. Almost every provider of home security systems offers at least one type of cellular-based monitoring and security service. Many of these services can be integrated with older security systems that are hard-wired, serving as a complementary or backup security measure.

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A cellular-based system is not the same as a wireless system for home security, though the two have some overlap. The cellular feature pertains to how the home alarms communicate with the security monitoring system. With a traditional home security system, the alarms are connected to a hardwired telephone system and the system uses the landline to communicate with the home monitoring service.

Cellular systems uses cellular signals to communicate with the security monitoring system and the owner of the home. These are the same signals designed for broadband and cellular phone service. While a criminal could easily snip the main phone wire of the home to disable the monitoring system, this is not possible with a cellular system. Cellular alarm systems benefit from a strongly connected cellular network.

Other advantages include lower costs for installation and upgrades and more flexibility when expanding home security features. Cellular systems provide multiple contact points for monitoring purposes and offer off-site options for monitoring the status of the home. Some providers offer do-it-yourself or free installation kits with a long-term service agreement, while others require installation by a designated technician and include the charge in the installation fee.

Homeowners who are considering having a home security system installed should learn more about the cellular-based systems available in their area. Comparing fees for installation, equipment, setup, and maintenance, service contract requirements, and equipment charges will reveal the best deal for a system with the desired features. Peace of mind should include convenience and should not come at a high price.