When you own a business, you have the responsibility of protecting your employees, your customers, and your property. Unlimited Security can help you with this responsibility with different types of commercial security systems. We can recommend and install the perfect security system for your business. If you are considering a new surveillance system for your company, read on to learn more about the types we offer.

Video Surveillance

Security Camera Surveillance - Nashville TN

While installing a video surveillance system can be quite costly, the benefits of this type of security justify the expense. According to the Houston Chronicle, video cameras protect your company by recording any theft from your business or vandalism to your property. Your employees are also protected from suspicious visitors and criminal activity at the workplace. You can also be assured of the productivity of your employees by monitoring their activity via video surveillance. Having a record of the activity that occurs on the property of your business can be extremely helpful if any legal issues such as harassment ever arise.

Access Control

For both physical and informational security, an access control system allows you as a business owner to restrict access to rooms and offices at the workplace and to specific data and programs on your work computers. Unlimited Security offers access control systems that require a keypad or a card reader to manage, monitor, and control entry into the business of your building and into sensitive areas within the building. This type of security system can be customized to serve any size of business, and you can even control these systems remotely via the Internet. We can also protect your confidential data on your business computer system with an informational access control security plan. One of the best advantages of this type of security is being able to both arm and disarm the monitoring from a computer or smartphone. You can even check out event logs remotely as well.

Environmental Monitoring and Other Extras

To keep yourself and your employees safe from environmental hazards, Unlimited Security can add sensors that detect smoke, fire, toxic gases, water leaks, flooding, and high temperature freezing to your commercial security system at no extra charge. We also offer reasonably priced service plans that will cover any costs of needed repairs to your system from our qualified and experienced technicians.

Considering a new commercial security system for your business? Reach out to Unlimited Security to learn more about the different types of systems we offer.