At Unlimited Security we make your safety our top priority. Potential threats are out there. So, we want to ensure our customers remain alert and aware. Some of these threats occur in the form of scam tactics used by disreputable security companies. These con artists manipulate homeowners, cheating them out of money and putting them in harm’s way. Educate yourself on some of these practices today. This way you will be prepared, under all circumstances.

Watching Out For Scams - Nashville TN - Unlimited SecurityWhat To Look Out For

There is one major scam, in particular, that has been affecting homeowners everywhere. Dishonest security companies will hire summer salespeople to go door-to-door, pressuring people into buying products that they do not need. Their aggressive tactics trick customers, making them feel obligated to do business right away. Typically, their merchandise is bogus or substandard. Consequently, this results in cheating homeowners out of the products they deserve.

Never let a situation like this intimidate you! In addition, don’t fall prey to their convincing speeches. You owe these people nothing. Therefore, you have every right to ask them to leave your property. Your safest option is to turn them away, without letting them into your home whatsoever. Once inside, it may be difficult to get them to leave. They will likely not take no for an answer. So, know that you are well within your rights to call the police if they refuse to leave your home.

Their Claims

To try and appear legitimate, these companies may make false claims regarding their true motives.

  • They may spout out fake stories of recent burglaries and other threats occurring throughout your neighborhood, thus pressuring you to act now.
  • They will say that their promotion is a time-limited offer and that you must sign a contract right away to receive free or discounted merchandise. This is not the case. You will likely be signing up for a long-term contract, filled with expensive rates and hidden fees.
  • They may claim to work for an existing reputable company. They will likely be wearing their logo to appear legitimate. Note that an esteemed alarm company would never go door-to-door. Also, they never show up without making an appointment beforehand.
  • They could indicate that your current company is changing their name or going out of business. If this was the case, the company would contact you themselves. They would definitely not send a worker door-to-door to inform current customers.

These are just some of the many tactics to watch out for. No matter what, be sure you ask for proper identification and ask to see their license, as well. Remember that a reputable company will have nothing to hide and could produce all of the proper documentation with ease. Before consulting with them at all, contact your current provider to inquire about this so-called company’s claims.

At Unlimited Security, we want our customers to feel safe at all times. Look through our website for more information on these scams. In addition, you should also read up on various safety tips that you can implement into your own life. We are thankful for your service and will continue to provide you with the best care possible. Thanks for choosing us!