At Unlimited Security, it’s no secret that your safety is our number one priority. Unfortunately, not all security and alarm companies feel the same, and there are a number of so-called businesses out there that are merely looking to make a quick buck. This is a big time of year for these places as they send out salesmen to go door-to-door in nicer weather, hoping to scam home and business owners and rake in as much money for themselves as possible.

So, how can you avoid becoming a victim? Let us share some tips.

Always Ask For Identification

Any reputable company should advise their employees to offer identification right away. If you ask and the representative seems hesitant or avoids doing so altogether, simply don’t give them any more of your time. Along with this, if you feel they are being too pushy or seem to be forcing themselves into your home, send them away immediately. They are on your property and you have every right to ask them to leave if you feel uncomfortable.

Double-Check Their Claims

Sometimes, a salesperson may see a sign in your window showing what security company you work with, or perhaps they claim that your company is changing its name, and they came here to let you know and offer a sweet deal, as well. Either way, these salespeople are likely not associated with your current security company at all, but are just looking for a way to make a quick buck.

In these cases, they’ll say your due for an upgrade or replacement, or they may pressure you to invest in a better quality system. You’ll end up signing your name to an entirely new and different contract, meaning your stuck paying double for a security system that you already have in place!

It’s always okay to double check before agreeing to or signing anything. Call the company and speak with a customer service representative to ensure the claims made by these people are legitimate. If they aren’t, you’ll wind up saving yourself a significant amount of time, hassle, and money!

It’s Okay To Be Skeptical

Most people strive to give others the benefit of the doubt, but when someone comes to your home, selling a product or service, it’s okay to be wary. There have been countless stories involving false representatives wearing shirts from a reputable company (such as GE, Honeywell, or Ademco), claiming to be associated with them, but these companies don’t sell to the public in this manner. They may even claim your current company is going out of business but, in these cases, the company will contact you directly and not through a door-to-door salesperson.

Remember that reputable businesses make appointments, state their identification and credentials with no hesitation, and will never try to pressure or trick you into anything. Stay aware, and keep your home safer by working with our qualified team today. When you work with Unlimited Security, you’re a part of our family for the long haul!