Whether you own a home or a business, video surveillance offers improved safety around the clock. A combination of innocuous cameras, a computer, and an internet connection allow you to put eyes where you need them. Once the stuff of superstars and the mega-rich, 24-7 video surveillance is now easily within the reach of everyone.

Whether a small business owner needs to ensure adherence to health/safety standards or a mother wants to oversee a baby sitter, DVRs capture everything. With easier access to digital records and higher-resolution cameras, video surveillance no longer only sends police to businesses after hours. It is improving profits and customer service while they are open and making it possible to more easily ‘supervise’ the whole store.

It is also letting homeowners watch more than the front door, and more are watching the backs of their loved ones. Whether worried about nannies shaking babies or cleaners taking gems, savvy homeowners let them know they are being watched. The fact that this is not an idle threat goes a long way itself to ensuring good behavior on all parts in the home.

Monitored Security Cameras Offer Night Vision

Men who leave early, get home late, and are away a lot are relieving their own and the wife’s stress with monitored security systems. Police do not ignore calls from professional private security companies, since they are far more certain it is not a false alarm. Furthermore, intruders are far less likely to choose that home – or that shop – when it is under constant video surveillance.

Once feasible only for those not quite able to afford their own 24-hour security guards but still “doing nicely”, video surveillance is fitting more budgets. The systems themselves are more user-friendly for easier review by home and business owners, and computers are now commonplace. For your safety, video surveillance is hard to beat and DVRs are hard to argue with if anything ever goes to court.