Provident Security and Unlimited Security to Become Unlimited Security



Nashville TN, April 6 2017 – Representatives from Provident Security and Unlimited Security announced that the two companies combined on April 1 2017, uniting under Unlimited Security Inc, alarm license TN0606.

The Owners, Lee Ann (Dichtel) Eaton and Linda Stubblefield, were connected through the Pathway Women’s Business Center, which provides in-depth business Counseling, classroom training, and peer-to-peer learning to help entrepreneurs. Both companies are woman-owned and WBE-certified in the state of Tennessee.

Provident Security is a leading force in fire alarm systems and inspections in Nashville’s commercial and nonprofit sector, while Unlimited Security’s expertise lies in burglar alarms, video surveillance and access control for residences and industrial/commercial applications. Working together allows them to capitalize on their complementary strengths and to offer their clients a wider service selection.

For 20 years, Unlimited Security’s passion for delivering electronic security and life safety services with hands-on care and attention to detail has met the needs of Nashville’s most demanding home and business applications.

“Keeping in touch with our client’s needs is paramount. This merging of two strong talents will serve our clients better and create a stronger presence in the security industry,” said Stubblefield.