Many people have been the victim of burglary. According to the FBI, there is a crime happening every 15.4 seconds and so more and more people want to purchase home security system for their home and family. You should purchase a home security protector even if you are residing in a quiet and peaceful location. Ensuring that your family is protected should always be your top priority. Some choose to own a gun for protection, but this can be too dangerous because it may lead to tragedies and unexpected incidents. Much worse, your gun can be used against you and your family by trespassing criminals. If you have big family, and you seldom leave your house unattended, the possibilities of crime can be reduced. Sometimes, though, burglars can go in and out of your home without you knowing. Installing a home security alarm will keep your family protected in a safe and reliable way.

  • Indoor and outdoor alarm – There are many security systems available both for indoor and outdoor use. Standard indoor systems are usually installed in windows and doors. Its function is to monitor the doors and windows and the movements in and out of your home. It has motion sensors to observe all the movements happening around your home. Outdoor alarm systems can also protect your car parked outside of your home. These alarms can be battery or electricity operated, but battery-operated alarms may be the more dependable in case of power failure. You will have to check the battery every now and then, though.
  • Video surveillance – Sophisticated and expensive systems now have CCTV or closed-circuit television and VSS or wireless video surveillance. These are connected to a VCR or a TV which allow you to see what’s happening.  Wired security systems tend to be more dependable than wireless ones.
  • Security for apartments – There are special systems that are designed for apartments or multi-door premises. Building administrators install this security system that allows security for all the tenants of the building. Residents are given access keys which they will use in entrances and common areas such as pool, lobby, etc.