Despite potential savings on insurance, homeowners are primarily choosing a professionally monitored security system for other reasons.

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1.  Safety of Loved Ones

Whether concerned about children sleeping through smoke alarms or leaving the house after lighting a candle, parents rightly worry about their kids. Adult children understandably fret about absent-minded elderly parents, and pets are of tremendous importance to everyone. Partners think about the safety of their opposites in high-crime neighborhoods with low and slow police response to calls from homeowners.

2.  Protection of Home

Most homeowners claim their homes as their most substantial single investment and want to protect it. Often, the home holds their life savings, and there is nothing else to cover the family if something happens to it or them. Especially in the current economy, they feel it is only sensible to protect their homes along with the belongings in them.

3.  Always Busy, Frequently Away

Homeowners are leading busier lives that take them out of the house more frequently and for longer. Long commutes involve leaving and coming home in darkness most of the year and are stressful in themselves. Active social lives mean an empty or parent-free house much of the time, and constant coming and going makes locking up thoroughly impractical.

4.  Who Really Cares?

Even happy days do not typically involve the neighbors anymore. Their names are unknown to most homeowners. Anonymity and respect for privacy are part of urban environments, and neighbors are unlikely to respond to alarms. Gone most of the time, 9-5ers prefer to count on other professionals to care about their homes.

5.  Nice Vacations

The Top Five reveal the smart thinking of most homeowners, and a little sadly, nice vacations are at the bottom of the list. Most people do not get to take many, and they want the ones they take to be free of worry. At the same time, they do not feel good about leaving the house either unwatched or in the care of an unknown house-sitter.