Small Business Security - Nashville TNProtecting your safety at home and at work is the top priority of Unlimited Security. Preventing crime, especially during the upcoming holiday season, is something we take seriously. We offer several different security systems and alarms for both homes and businesses to ensure your security. We also like to educate our clients with tips and suggestions on how they can best prevent crime and remain safe and secure. We would like to share some tips for keeping your small business safe that we found at the blog on the business website, Intuit QuickBooks that can help increase the security at work for you, your employees, and your clients.

Install Closed-Circuit TV Cameras.

Place these cameras at entrances, exits, and cash-handling areas to monitor and record activity. You will want to invest in high-quality video cameras that will record clear footage that can be invaluable to the police if a crime occurs.

Choose a Loud Alarm.

Install an alarm system that can be easily and quickly triggered by yourself and your employees. The louder the alarm sound, the better.

Train Your Employees on What to Do in a Robbery Situation.

You should have an emergency plan in place with your employees in case of a crime incident. Teach all employees how to spot, prevent, and react during a situation involving crime. Your employees should all know to comply with a robber’s instructions, to remember distinguishing and identifiable characteristics of thieves, and how to secure the crime scene until the police arrive.

Post Various Signs Prominently Throughout Your Business.

Whether or not it is true, place signs in noticeable spots all around your business that warn customers that they are being video recorded. Put up height markers on every doorway. Place signs or stickers on cash registers that state “minimum cash on hand” and “no access” to aid in deterring crime.

Develop a Habit of Regularly Transferring Cash Amounts Over $50 from the Registers to a Safe.

You greatly lessen the incentive to rob your business when there is not a large amount of cash in any register.To increase security and safety, place the money in a drop safe that no one on the premises knows how to open.

Install Good Lighting and Maintain Open Sight Lines.

Lighting should not only be placed on the inside and the outside of your business, but also in between inside and outside areas.

Eliminate Hiding Places.

Be sure there are no places for thieves to hide, inside and outside your business. Install angled mirrors to allow employees at the cash registers to see all areas of the business.

Control Access.

Secure places where cash is handled and stored to prevent easy access to thieves. Lock all doors that are not used by customers.

Avoid Having Employees Work Alone.

Especially during the slow times of the day and night, be sure you always have at least two employees working together.

Want to know more safety and security tips for your small business? Contact Unlimited Security to find out more suggestions from our expert staff.