There is no doubt that modern advances in security have worked wonders in making our homes and businesses safer. However, there are still things to watch out for when using these equipment so hackers and others can respect your privacy too. This is a scary scenario to think about, but there are extra precautions you can take to make it more difficult for others to hack into your security equipment. At Unlimited Security, we care about your safety above all, we want to inform you some ways to make your security systems extra protected!

Secure Your Wireless Network

code of the webAll too often, we hear of homeowners who fail to password protect their wireless system. WiFi camera password and router information should be changed periodically to ensure hackers aren’t given easy access. We strongly urge people to set up a strong and hard-to-guess password for their WiFi. Your password should contain a mix of lower and upper-case letters, numbers, and symbols to make them hard to access.

Update The Firmware

When you regularly update the firmware on your camera, you help ensure it is equipped with the latest security features. If any flaws or potential threats are noted, most manufacturers take appropriate action to remedy the situation, then allow users to update to a more secure version. Check regularly to see if updating is an option for you!

Keep Outdoor Cameras Protected

Think carefully about where you put your outdoor surveillance cameras before installing them. From bad weather to stray baseballs to theft and more, these scenarios can cause the system to go missing or get damaged. Try to keep it in a hidden and less vulnerable area to ensure it stays out of harm’s way.

Beware Of Email Scams

When it comes to your wi-fi or security network, many people can work their way in through untrusted links. If you get an email asking for personal information or asking you to click on suspicious-looking links, your should ignore them. If it seems important and it is from a bank, loan service, or other company you regularly work with, call the business directly to ensure they are the ones who sent it. Most of these places will not ask for personal information through text or email.

Work With A Company You Can Trust

When you work with a well-trusted and professional organization, this can truly make all the difference when it comes to the safety of your security needs. You should look for organizations with good customer service and positive reviews. In today’s world, it is easier than ever to look into the reputation of a company, so do some browsing and ask around before you make the investment.

The team here at Unlimited Security puts protection and privacy at the top of our list, so you can stress less when it comes to your security needs. We have been serving the Nashville area since 1997, and you can bet that we take your concerns seriously. If you are ready for personalized care and a commitment to excellence, then give us a call today. We can’t wait to get started!