Many homeowners feel safer with a security system protecting their residences. Pet owners often think they must sacrifice because their pets will set off the alarm. They rely on the animals to protect the house when they are not there, a bad choice when they have only a tiny Chihuahua or hamster. These folks can now enjoy more comprehensive home security because the latest systems are pet-friendly.

Unlimited Security - Protect Your Pets and Your Home

New home security technology includes pet-immune motion sensors that employ passive infrared technology, or PIR. This marvel of modern science is able to sense changes in temperature due to a living thing entering a protected space and can be set up to be immune to pets. A baseline temperature is set that permits pets to move throughout the area without triggering the alarm, while a human entering the space will set off an alert.

The sensors work best for homes with pets weighing 60 pounds or less. Therefore, homeowners with large dogs should take alternate security measures. This does not mean that they cannot use the security system. They should simply put the sensors in spaces that are potential entry points for robbers and prevent their pets from entering these areas when the system is armed.

Pet owners should opt for a security system installed by a professional because experts knows where to place the motion sensors. By explaining the regular indoor habits of their pets, homeowners provide the security expert with ideas about suitable areas for sensor placement. If the initial setup does not prove adequate, sensors can be relocated.

With a security system protecting the home while residents are away, both the structure and pets will be safe. Some systems offer remote monitoring capabilities, allowing the family to check the residence throughout the day. The peace of mind provided by a home security system exceeds the installation and monitoring costs.