Home security systems used to be cumbersome, and early reviews often stated they were nothing more than noisemakers. In many cases, the homeowner was made aware of the break-in long after the fact. Today, the new tech in home security offers homeowners true peace of mind the second their security system is engaged.

  • Mobile Monitoring – past systems required hard landlines. Eventually, thieves realized this and could disengage the system by merely cutting the phone lines. Today, security systems can be engaged and monitored via mobile devices. This means the system does not even need a landline to be installed, resulting in a higher level of security for the homeowner.
  • Video Surveillance – you may trust your babysitter, but that does not mean you do not want to look in on them from time to time. The latest technology allows parents to install video surveillance throughout the home and monitor it via their mobile device or computer. This will give added comfort to your children, as they know mommy and daddy are always able to keep an eye on them.
  • Wireless Systems – old-fashioned security systems required messy installations and wires were everywhere. The latest systems are completely wireless. This means your property is undamaged and you no longer have to hide large bunches of wire for the security system. Unplugging a connection and disarming the system is no longer a concern because the system is wireless.
  • Medical Safety – in addition to regular security monitoring of the home, medical services can be included in packages. This is perfect for anyone with special conditions that may need medical help at a moment’s notice.
  • Child Safety – children may be old enough to stay at home by themselves, but this does not mean you no longer want to make sure they made it home okay. With latchkey services, you will receive a text or email whenever your child arrives home.