Developments in technology have done wonders for security systems over the past couple of decades. Being able to use your smartphone with your home security system gives you a way to feel confident about your home even when you are far away. Not only have these technologies helped home systems, but they have also improved wearable security devices that can keep you safe no matter where you are. You may be familiar with the MedicAlert bracelets that list important medical conditions to alert the first responders in case of an emergency, but now you can also find safety alerts and other wearable items that are equipped with GPS technology to give you a sense of protection and security, whether you are at home or away. Unlimited Security offers a wearable alert from Honeywell that connects to its home security system as well as other durable, reliable, and attractive products. We can personalize these devices to fit your needs and will always be your trusted advisor. We would like to tell you more about the Honeywell alert as well as why it is so important to include a wearable device in your security system.

What does the Honeywell wearable alert do?


The Importance of Wearable Personal Safety Devices - Nashville TN - Unlimited SecurityA water-resistant panic transmitting device that can be worn around the neck, on a wristband, or clipped to clothing, this accessory is compatible with the Honeywell 5800 Series Wireless System. Available in a one or two-button transmitter, this device allows the wearer to press the button to send an emergency alert to a designated authority. Perfect for the elderly and disabled, this device can be personalized to contact the emergency authority of your choice. You can also set the device up to contact a friend or family member who can also come to the assistance of the wearer. Since it is water-resistant, it can be worn in the bath or shower, which can be very handy as many accidents happen in the bathroom. After discussing your exact needs, our staff at Unlimited Security will help you program this device to give you peace of mind.

What other types of wearable security devices are there?

At Unlimited Security, we offer different products that can be worn to transmit messages in the case of an emergency. Using smartphone and Bluetooth wireless technologies, these devices can alert the authorities and provide the GPS location of the incident. We have found some of the most attractive devices available so you will not have to worry about looking like you are wearing a security device.

Why are wearable safety devices so important?

If you or a loved one were to have a medical emergency while no one was home, a wearable safety device can mean the difference between life or death. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and if you were to suffer a fall and not be able to get to your cell phone or landline phone, wearing a panic transmitter allows you to get help easily and quickly. Not only do these devices greatly help out in an emergency situation, but they can also be very beneficial to anyone who is traveling alone. A wearable safety device may not prevent an attack, but you can make contact with friends, family, or the police to let them know you are in a dangerous situation and need help.

If you need a wearable personal safety device, contact Unlimited Security at 615-244-9300. We can help you find the perfect one for you to keep you safe and secure when away from home.