You can have the best security system in place but unless everyone knows the proper procedures and how the equipment works, you are just wasting your money. If you are going to have a state of the art security system installed, it is imperative that you take the time to teach your kids about home security. At worst, it gives you added peace of mind. At best, they will know what to do in any home security situation.

In addition to teaching your children how to operate your home security system, you should also instill basic security procedures. It is the small mistakes that can make a home susceptible to intruders. Sit down with your child and make a cheat sheet or checklist they can refer to anytime they are home alone or are the last ones to leave the home.

  1. Always Close Doors and Windows – yes, even during the dog days of summer. An open window or sliding glass door is an invitation for a thief. The best security system in the world will not help you if you have access points that have not been secured.
  2. Check Garage Doors – this is an area that adults forget about just as much as children. While it is obviously important to make sure the garage door is closed, it is also important to lock the access door from the garage to the home. This door should feature a key lock as well as a dead bolt that can be used when the garage entrance is not needed.
  3. Inspect Your Home Upon Arrival – while we are not trying to create paranoia, it helps to be observant before you enter your home, especially if the child is coming home before the parents. Teach them to visually check things such as screen doors and windows. If there is a broken window or torn screen, call for help just to be safe.
  4. Remember the Alarms – always make sure the children are confident and able to work the alarm system. The last thing you need is for the child to not set the alarm when they leave or come home because they get frustrated. Explain the system fully and allow them to arm and disarm the service while you are present to ensure they can handle it when they are on their own.