We live in a world that is sometimes unsafe, even in our own homes. The times have changed, and the world is not how we used to understand it. Home invasions are becoming a norm. Reports show that about 38% of homeowners are assaulted during an invasion. There are also 60% reported rape cases occurring during a home invasion. Aside from home invasions, residential burglaries are becoming more rampant than before with over 2.8 million burglary cases reported since 1994. What’s alarming is that 53% of these burglaries happened during the day. These burglaries cost 3.6 billion dollars and counting.

But how do you prevent your home from these types of people? Are there any fool proof plans that can remedy your anxiety? Although, you can never predict when, where, and how these criminals will strike, there are inexpensive, preventative measures that can keep your home safe from these bad elements.

According to statistics, about 80% of thieves break in through the door. Houses having low visibility doors that cannot be seen by neighbors and from the streets are more prone to break-ins than others. Homeowners need to protect their doors since these are the main entry points for criminals. Buy complicated locks rather than simple door locks that expert criminals can easily open. It is recommended that you purchase a dead bolt lock which has at least a one inch draw into the door jam. You should place a metal bar in the door track of sliding doors if you have one in the house. So, to better secure your door, it would be wise that you buy pins from your local locksmith and ask for his opinion regarding your door locks. You can always buy security cameras if your budget allows. The sight of security cameras give burglars second thoughts about stealing from your home.

No one is completely safe now, even in their own homes. Once your home has been robbed, the chances of burglars coming back to steal from you are higher than before. Defend your home from criminals and crooks, and prepare yourself for any unexpected burglary.