I would like to communicate to you a recommendation regarding the above mentioned company. Unlimited Security has always been professional, courteous, and shown great regard to quality in communicating their progress and being punctual. The results of their works has always been top notch. I have the highest regard for Linda Stubblefield as a contact and have enjoyed working with her. She is definitely a professional in our industry and know that you will be impressed by her and her team. Thank you.

Cesar Guerrero

Project Scheduling Representative, Sonitrol Corporation

You and your staff have provided me with great service. It has been great having your agency protect me, my daughter and my property.

Cheryl Wallace

…When I go out of town it is so good to set the alarm and know that if a fire breaks out, the fire department will be notified. Haven’t had a fire, but the smoke from a pizza box in the oven set the alarm off and the fire department was here in a really short time. Embarassed, but assured that the system sure works well. Simply put: Unlimited Security and peace of mind go hand in hand.

Charlotte Garrison

Around 3pm today i foiled a break in. I kept watching this guy, couldn’t believe that he actually was going to do this in broad daylight. I hit the panic button on my remote when they were trying to bust through the door. Thanks, I’m glad I had the alarm.

Lee South


When I receive amazing service from an individual or a company I just can’t keep it to myself! As a Marketing Analyst for a Fortune 50 company, I know how important it is to become an evangelist for the people and products I believe in. Linda Stubblefield and Unlimited Security is one of those top notch, quality service providers.

Following a couple of home burglaries in my area, I was prompted to purchase a security system for my home. Linda was so professional! Before she ever toured my home to complete the estimate, she sat down with me to find out why I wanted a security system and what I wanted that system to do for me. WOW, that made all the difference! She cared about what I wanted.

If you need a security system for your home or business, I highly recommend that you contact The Alarm Lady, Linda Stubblefield with Unlimited Security!

Jill Spry

Field Marketing Analyst, Fortune 50 Company