When it comes to safety, Unlimited Security works hard to protect our clients in their homes and businesses by customizing monitored security systems to their exact needs. Technology plays a big part in our security services, but sometimes technology can actually make lives more frustrating. Keeping our clients safe online is another way we can improve their lives by protecting their identities and making it easier to safely surf the Internet without worrying about being hacked. To help you protect yourself online, we would like to share with you some technology safety precautions from McAfee that can help you stay secure on the Internet.

Be smart when creating passwords.Technology safety precautions to protect yourself - Nashville TN - Unlimited Security

You never want to use your children’s names and birthdays or any other information that is easily found when you make up a password. You want to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to crack your password. Always use more than six characters, and include capital letters, numbers, and special characters whenever you must create a new password.

Be careful about email.

Even if you have the ultimate security software on your computer, you never know what kind of protection the recipients of your emails may have. Think about what kind of information you include in your emails. You never want to send credit card information, your Social Security number, and other private details in an email communication.

Look for security technology when you shop online.

You always want to check your address bar on your browser whenever you are on the checkout screen of a shopping website to be sure the address starts with “https.” Another way to feel secure when shopping online is to look for a small locked padlock on the bottom right of the checkout screen. You should also see a statement about the pages being secured by a security technology vendor.

Be aware of phishing scams.

Hackers use phishing scams by sending fraudulent emails with fake websites that masquerade as legitimate businesses in order to get private information, such as your account login or credit card information, from you. If you receive a suspicious email, never click on any direct links within the email. You can call the business or agency to verify whether or not the email is legitimate.

Monitor your kids’ online activities.

You can install parental control software that will allow you to keep up with where your children are spending time online. This software helps you keep your kids away from undesirable websites as well as see if they are sharing any personal information online. Limit the amount of time your kids spend on the Internet, and keep the family computer in a community room to prevent problems.

If you need more online safety tips, contact us at Unlimited Security. We want to provide you with technology safety precautions that allow you to focus on the things that matter, including your family and friends and your daily life activities.