The arrival of spring brings us a lot of wonderful things, such as blooming flowers and warmer weather, but, unfortunately, this season also typically brings an increase in crime. More criminals and burglars are out and about as the weather gets nicer, and the crime rate can get higher throughout both the spring and summer. At Unlimited Security, your safety is our top priority, which is why we would like to share a few spring safety tips from the Lansing, Michigan Police Department to help you, your family, and your property safe from crimes this year.Spring Security Concerns - Nashville TN - Unlimited Security


Be sure your doors and windows are locked.


When spring arrives, you may be going in and out of your home more often to garden, grill, or lounge outside. Sometimes, you may forget to lock a back door or a gate. Burglars are on the lookout for easy entries, and they may use this unlocked door or gate to get onto your property. The warmer weather also makes us want to open our windows to let fresh air into our homes. Thieves notice open windows and will return after dark to see if these windows are still opened. Always remember to close and lock all of the windows in your home before you go to sleep at night.Spring Security Concerns - Nashville TN. - Unlimited Security


Keep your garage or shed secured.


Lawnmowers and other outdoor maintenance equipment are popular targets in the spring because thieves can get more money for these items at pawn shops. And, if you keep your bicycles in this area, you may find them missing if the garage or shed is not securely locked.


Roll up your car windows when you get home.Spring Security Concerns. - Nashville TN. - Unlimited Security


Carelessness can lead to crime if you forget to close your car windows when you park your car in your driveway. Thieves can easily get into your car to steal your car stereo and any other items you left in your car. They may even be able to hotwire your car and steal it!


Don’t fall for home improvement scams.

Spring Security Concerns - Nashville Tennessee - Unlimted Security


If a contractor or a salesman you have not previously contacted approaches your home, do not do business with these people. Every spring, thieves pretend to be chimney sweeps, landscapers, or other servicemen to get access to your property. Always ask for identification from any utility person or other home maintenance worker. You can also call the company they claim to work for to verify it is legitimate.

Stay safe this spring! Contact us at Unlimited Security to find out how we can make your property more secure during warmer weather.