Technology continues to give us amazing and convenient ways to be safe and secure in our homes. Using your smartphone to control your home monitoring system can give you added peace of mind and make you feel more secure. Smart technology provides you with security options that you never dreamed could be possible. To inform you of what you can do with this innovative smart technology, Unlimited Security would like to tell you more about about some simple automation upgrades you can make to your home security system.

Smart Lock

Smart Home Automations - Nashville TNImagine being able to open your locked door without a key. With a smart lock, you can enter your home by entering a code or by simply tapping on the lock. This type of lock is controlled by your smartphone or on a web application. Depending on the type of smart lock, you can easily install this new lock by placing a smart device over an existing deadbolt, or you can also entirely replace your locks and doorknobs. You can even find a smart lock that allows you to walk up to the door to be recognized. Once the device recognizes you, it will unlock the door so you can enter your house. Using Bluetooth technology, many smart locks will allow you to issue digital keys to family and friends, which can come in very handy when you must be out of town.

Smart Thermostat

Going even further than programmable thermostats, smart thermostats use sensors to determine whether you are at home or away. If your schedule is unpredictable, this type of thermostat can be much more effective for you than a programmable thermostat. You will not have to worry about changing the time frame on the panel of your thermostat. According to CNET, smart thermostats will save you money on heating and cooling costs and allow you to keep your home at an optimum temperature with excellent efficiency.

Smart Outlets

Controlled by an app on your smartphone, a smart outlet plugs into a standard three-prong socket and pairs to any Bluetooth device. You can manually control the power, set the outlet to a proximity mode which will turn power off when you are out of Bluetooth range and turn back on when you return, and place the outlet on a timer to automatically power on and off on a set schedule. The benefits of using smart outlets include saving money and energy by eliminating standby power and being able to measure and record the power usage of any device, which can increase its lifespan by scheduling it to be used more efficiently.

Smart Lights

For improved energy efficiency, smart lights are long-lasting LED lights that can be controlled by your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. This type of light easily allows you to change the lighting in your home, depending on the mood and situation. The use of low wattage and the long life of smart lights make them a great choice for energy conservation.

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