Feel concerned that your home isn’t as protected as you’d like it to be? Thieves are getting smarter and smarter, and there are certain characteristics they look for that make your home an easy target. Learn how to make your property less vulnerable by reading our tips. Then, count on our qualified team to set you up with a security system that is personalized to your unique needs.person setting alarm

Is Everything Locked?

Windows, doors, sheds, and any potential entry points to your home should be closed and locked at night and whenever you are away. Burglars look for easy ways to access people’s property, and by leaving something wide open, you are basically welcoming them into your home. You may also want to consider securing sliding doors with a wood or metal rod and installing some type of deadbolt that will give you that added layer of security, as well.

Are you the type that lies in bed worrying that a window or door was left unlocked? The process of getting up and checking every room of the house can get tiring, and there’s always the concern that something will get missed. With a security system from Unlimited Security, you can set your device to automatically lock your doors (as well as adjust temperatures and turn off lights) at bedtime, so you don’t need to stress about a thing.

Check out our how-to videos now to learn more. A peaceful night of sleep is right around the corner!

Outdoor Lighting & Landscaping

Lights that sense motion can make all the difference when it comes to scaring criminals off of your property. The last thing they want is to be caught, so powerful and revealing lights throughout your property should encourage them to keep their distance. Along with this, a wide-open lawn gives them nothing to hide behind, so keep this in mind when tackling any landscaping projects.

Reach Out To Neighbors

Get to know the people who live in your neighborhood. This will help you stay in the loop if anyone close by experiences something suspicious, and you’ll be able to rely on them to keep an eye on your property when you’re away. You might consider organizing some type of community watch program, as well.

Going On A Trip?

If you are planning to be away from home for a few days (or longer) take some steps to make your home look lived in while you’re gone. Consider putting your lights, radio, and television on sensors, giving the impression that someone is inside, and ask a friend or neighbor to get your mail and maintain your landscaping. Having just a few people keep an eye on things will make a big difference in keeping your home safer!

Our systems can be set up to turn your lights off and on, so you don’t need to stress about burglars vandalizing your dark, unoccupied home. Our how-to videos will give you the scoop, so check them out today!

Work With Us

It’s a simple fact that homes with a security system are a lot less likely to get broken into. Thieves just aren’t willing to take the chance if they see that sticker in your window and, should they attempt it anyway, their likelihood of getting caught or getting scared away increases significantly. You deserve reassurance knowing your home and family are staying as protected as possible. For the highest quality care, reach out to our team today.