It used to be a common occurrence to have salespeople come to your door, but in today’s technological world this is less of a necessity. In fact, there are lots of reasons to be skeptical of these individuals, as many homeowners have reported being scammed by people making false claims about their home security needs.

Because we have a passion for serving this area and bringing home and business areas the best care possible, we want to ensure our entire customer base, as well as any other folks in the communities we travel to, knows what they should be wary of when speaking to salespeople claiming to offer a better or unbeatable deal.

They’ll Claim To Be With Your Current Security Companysecurity app on phone

One of the deceptive methods these people use is to claim they are from your current security company and that they need to perform an upgrade on your system. They will have likely spotted a sticker or sign on your property saying who you are secured by and use that against you to trick you into signing an expensive contract with another company. They may also claim the place you work with has gone out of business and that they’ve taken over their accounts.

Rest assured, a reputable business will not simply send a worker out to your home without calling first. They will alert you of any changes that must be made, then set up a time that would be convenient with your schedule. Or, if they did shut their doors, you would be notified to that, as well. All in all, if someone shows up making these claims, call your current company to confirm before signing anything or, better yet, stay safer by simply asking them to leave.

They’ll Pressure You Or Use Scare Tactics

Another thing to look out for is when someone is offering a limited-time deal or free installation, but only if you sign up right away. They’ll likely put a lot of pressure on you, and you may even have trouble getting them to leave your home. If they refuse to remove themselves, don’t feel bad about being impolite or rude. If all else fails, call the police.

Another tactic they use is to talk about recent burglaries in your area. They’ll use any information possible to make you feel that you must invest in their product now. While a home security system plays a big role in keeping you safer, this isn’t the way to encourage a person to buy one. It’s all about doing what works for you and your household, not about giving in to a pushy salesperson.

They’ll Be Reluctant To Share Their Credentials

You have every right to ask for company information, licensing credentials, and testimonials from previous customers. After receiving this information, be sure to verify it all with appropriate organizations, such as the BBB, your state’s licensing agency, and more. If the associate is hesitant to give you their credentials, then this is a strong indicator that something is amiss. Any reputable company would be happy to provide this info!

Put Your Trust In Us

Here at Unlimited Security, we’re an open book. We’ll provide you with any business-related information you request, and when it comes to setting up your system we give you the reigns. It’s all about you! Become a part of our family by reaching out today to set up an appointment. We would love to hear from you.