Moving can be a very stressful and overwhelming process that can make even the most focused people get distracted to the point that they are unaware of suspicious behavior occurring in or around a home or apartment. Experienced thieves and burglars are always on the lookout for a moving truck in a driveway because they know they could have an easy target. Even though your mind will be full of things you must do, it is important to always be alert to the possibility of theft and burglary. Since Unlimited Security always puts your safety as a top priority, we would like to share a few precautions we recommend that you keep in mind when you are moving.

Security Precations When Moving - Nashville TN - Unlimited Security


The most important thing to remember as you are packing up your belongings in your old place is to ensure the moving truck is secured and locked at all times. Criminals will be watching for any available chance to get into the truck to take your things and possibly even to steal the entire truck. Another tip is to keep your window treatments, like curtains, drapes, and blinds, up until you are ready to leave your house for the last time. You should also be sure that someone is available to stay in the residence at all times as thieves will also be watching for people leaving to have an opportunity to get into the empty house. Finally, never post your moving schedule on social media. According to Help You Move, thieves can use free software to search public Facebook posts to gain information. You never want to provide criminals with your personal information.


After you purchase or sign the lease on your new home, Unlimited Security suggests that you take the time to walk around the exterior of your new home to check for weak spots that need attention. Burglars look for things that can hide their activities such as overgrown hedges and bushes as well as high fences and walls. This is also the perfect time to have Unlimited Security visit to perform a complete security audit and risk assessment that will allow us to protect your home to our best abilities. If you are not buying a brand new home, you need to consider how many sets of keys could be floating around, which is why we recommend that you change all of your locks. Once you get your new keys, be careful about what you do with the spare keys. Never leave a spare key in an obvious place like under the doormat or a fake rock and inside your mailbox. Finally, moving into a new home often involves purchasing new appliances and furniture, you should never leave the packaging and boxes from these items in your trash area. These boxes will let any neighborhood thieves and burglars know exactly what they can find inside your home.

If you are planning to move to a new home, contact us at Unlimited Security to schedule an appointment for a security audit and risk assessment. We will be able to install the perfect security alarm monitoring system to keep your home safe from burglaries.