At Unlimited Security, we’re all about promoting the best products and services to help our customer base stay as safe as possible. We have some of the best alarm and fire systems and accessories on the market, allowing countless homeowners in the Nashville area to rest easier day after day! That being said, studying up on safety tips is still important, and it’s vital that certain steps are regularly taken to enhance your security that much more.

Learn more about the role you take in your own security by reading below. We’re ready to help with everything and anything, so give us a call today with any questions or concerns you may be facing. When you work with us, it’s all about you!

In The Event Of A Fire…

We know it’s a hard thought to consider, but if a fire occurred in your home, do you feel you are as prepared and protected as possible? If not, then it’s important to note that you have options to keep your family safer! We offer fire systems  that protect your home at all times, even when you’re not in it. It will alert authorities at the first signs of trouble, so you’ll have firefighters on the scene in no time.

Many feel that smoke detectors and similar signaling devices are enough, but what happens if you’re on vacation when a fire occurs? Your house burns down. That’s why our systems are designed to get ahold of the fire department on their own, ensuring you lose as little as possible. Your home and family is well worth the extra precautions. Invest your new system today!

Now, that being said, it’s good to know the facts about safely getting out of a home that is engulfed in flames. Talk with your family and make a plan for escaping the house, should your detectors go off. Every person should have at least two potential escape routes if one is blocked off. Once you’re out of the home, stay out and wait for firefighters to arrive. Never enter a burning building!

Some other advice would be to check door handles for heat (if they’re hot choose another route), stay low to the ground to avoid smoke inhalation, cover vents and doors if stuck in an area, and know of any potential fire hazards throughout the home, such as outlets, fireplaces, and similar things.

Extra Home Security Tips

Feel you’re prepared for a fire? Great! Now, ensure your home is protected against burglary, too. We advise homeowners to keep their landscaping well lit, lock all doors and windows when leaving the home, keep ladders and potential “breaking in” equipment locked away when not in use, and don’t make it obvious if you are leaving for a vacation. When returning to your home, if you notice anything that looks suspicious, such as a broken window, slit screen, or open door, don’t enter. Call the police, so they can assess the situation and ensure everything is okay.

Unlimited Security is here for you, no matter what. Become a part of our family today by signing up for your free security analysis. We can’t wait to make your home safer than ever!