Summertime is here and that means kids are out of school. If you’re little ones are old enough to stay home alone, then you may find yourself worrying about their safety throughout the day. We understand that it can be scary. However, there are precautions you can take to keep your children protected.

Check out some of our guidelines below. Afterwards, give us a call to learn about our great products and security equipment!

Set Firm Boundaries

Establish rules early on about guests, Internet use, cell phone use, and more. Social media can lead to danger if anything is posted about your child being home alone. Plus, guests should never be invited in unless they are someone your child knows or is expecting. It’s always ideal if a child can call a parent before inviting anyone over or going somewhere outside of the home.

Also, inform them on what they can and cannot use throughout the house. These include cleaning products, stoves, microwaves, and cooking utensils. Also, place any off-limit items out of reach or somewhere inaccessible.

Practice Emergency Situations

In the event of a fire, bad weather, injury, or some other type of emergency, come up with a game plan ahead of time, so your child knows what to do. In times like these, thinking clearly and on your feet can be challenging, especially for someone who’s younger in age. By establishing steps beforehand, you can ensure your child will be prepared and ready to go, no matter what.

Stay Connected

It’s easy to stay connected in today’s world. Take advantage of this and stay in regular contact with your little ones throughout the day. A one-minute phone call is a simple enough thing to do, and it will put your mind at ease knowing they are still doing fine. Also, keep an emergency phone list somewhere accessible, so they have options to call if you are not available.

Practice Caution

Advise your child on what to do if a stranger knocks on the door or calls. Keep your doors locked, and make sure your child knows to never open the door for anyone they do not recognize (this includes mail/delivery people, service workers, etc.). Also, if someone calls asking for a parent, they should never be told that an adult is not present. Your child should simply state that you are busy or unavailable.

All in all, a child should not go outside or let friends come over unless they talk to their parents beforehand and get permission.

Have A Security System Installed

Here at Unlimited Security, we have a long line of products that help homeowners feel safer. If you’re looking for home surveillance systems, latchkey services, home controls, or something else, we are sure that we can help you out. We can customize a system to meet your specific needs, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your home and family any longer.

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