Both homes and businesses need security but differ in what products they would benefit from. If you are wondering how your commercial needs may be different than your residential needs, the team at Unlimited security imageSecurity is here to help, and we offer different tools and setups for a wide range of scenarios.

Access Control

Access control is something that is more specific to commercial properties. In a home, you don’t really need to limit who is coming in and out, whereas businesses often have multiple employees, customers, clients, service workers, and more involved in their day-to-day operations, all of which have different levels of access to various parts of the building.


Businesses also tend to be more complex in their security needs. They will likely need various levels of security, and they tend to have more property to monitor, as well. There will be more restrictions in place, more surveillance measures, and more ways to manage all of your devices.

Business needs also vary from place to place, whereas most homes need the same basic set-up. A small shop won’t need as intense of a security system as a major chemical plant, for example. All in all, finding the right fit for one’s business needs will typically be a bit more of a process than setting someone up with a home security system.

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is good for any customer but is especially great for homeowners who don’t want their security system messing with the aesthetic of their living space. You deserve protection without having to worry about wires running all throughout your walls and woodwork. We can give you everything you need in a way that is streamlined and seamless.

Remote Access

Now, when it comes to remote access, this is an area where both benefit substantially. As a parent, you can enable your system to notify you when your child arrives home safely from school, work, or extracurricular activities, and you can access your cameras from your laptop or smartphone, so you always have access to what’s going on inside of the property.

In a business, remote access has many benefits, as well. Should any alarms go off after hours, the owner will be able to immediately access the building’s cameras to get an idea of what is going on.

Whatever You Need, We Can Help!

All in all, whatever you need for your home or your commercial business, we are certain we can assist. Between environmental monitoring, panic buttons, home controls, and features that can keep each and every that enters your home or business safer, you won’t need to stress about a thing when the Unlimited Security crew is working with you.

Ready to get started? Reach out today to request your appointment. We would be glad to get started on your free security analysis!