As a homeowner, you know the importance of keeping your home and family safe year round. Security systems, monitoring devices, alarms, and various types of locking equipment for doors and windows can make a great impact on maintaining safety levels. Unfortunately, none of these will help in the event of a fire. This is why Unlimited Security wants to keep you educated on fire safety tips for your home and family.

October 9th, 2016 kicks off the start of Fire Prevention Week. This leaves you with a great opportunity to educate your family members and loved ones on various fire safety tips and to get an adequate plan established for your home, should a fire occur. One thing they emphasize throughout this week is the importance of installing, maintaining, and regularly replacing your home’s smoke detectors.

Replace Your Smoke Alarms Image- Nashville TN - Unlimited SecuritySetting Them Up

A fire can occur anywhere and at any point throughout the day or night. One of the best ways to ensure that you will be warned of one’s existence is by installing smoke detectors all throughout your home. Fires spread quickly and the longer one burns without anyone realizing, the harder it will be to get everyone out safely.

Make sure there are smoke detectors on every level of the house, in all the bedrooms, and anywhere else that may be more prone to fires (such as the kitchen or bathroom). Place them strategically to avoid drafts, air ducts, or anything else that may hinder the device from properly doing its job.

Maintenance Is Key

Once you have your smoke detectors installed throughout the home, make sure that you regularly check them. Test them out every week by pressing the button and waiting for the alarm to sound. This is an easy step to take and ensures you that your family is remaining as safe as possible.

You should also be replacing the batteries on a yearly basis, as well as cleaning them out to ensure no excess debris may trigger a malfunction. Again, just a few simple steps can make a huge impact in keeping your home protected and your family in good health.

If you have had your smoke detectors for some time, it is a good idea to check the date it was manufactured, which should be located on the back of the device. If it is past 10 years, then it is time to buy a new one! Use the 10-year-rule as a guideline for all of your smoke detectors to ensure they continue to function properly.

At Unlimited Security, we not only want to keep your home safe from intruders, but we strive to help maintain the health of you and your family, as well. We want all of our customers to be educated and well-equipped for any dangerous situation that comes their way. Learn more about what we can offer you at our website or give us a call today!