If you have employees, their safety is your responsibility when they are on the clock. Depending upon your business, you may want to take extra security measures to ensure their safety when working. Whether the business is a large warehouse or a small office, these added measures will give both you and your employees’ peace of mind.

  • Video surveillance – surveillance is a great option because it will protect you both inside and outside of the building. Perimeter cameras can be placed outside with monitors allowing your staff to see who is coming and going from the business. They can also be placed inside the building to monitor internal security. You will always have video evidence to show the police if anything were to happen.
  • Panic buttons – the time saved because of a panic button alert can literally be enough to save a life. Be it a medical emergency, burglary, or some other situation, authorities will be immediately notified and disbursed to your location.
  • Environmental monitoring – we do not always see the smoke and carbon monoxide levels that may be unsafe without anyone knowing. Installing these devices throughout your building will add another layer of safety for employees and allow them to evacuate the building if a dangerous situation arises.
  • 24/7 Connections – you can have the system set up so that you may monitor it externally, including smart phone applications. If for some reason employees on property do not hear or see the alerts, you will see them on your device and make the appropriate calls to warn them of the danger.

Your employees are your most valuable asset as a business owner. It is of the utmost importance that you protect them to the best of your abilities at all times. Installing a security system with these controls not only protects your business, it shows your staff you are truly concerned about their well-being.