At Unlimited Security, we can install several different types of home and business security systems, including a video surveillance camera system. Many of our customers have found this type of security system to be a fantastic way to ensure the safety of their homes and businesses because they can check on their properties via the Internet, closed-circuit TV (CCTV), and even their smartphones. However, there are some drawbacks as well as benefits to video surveillance camera systems. We would like to share with you some of the pros and cons of installing this type of security system in your home or business.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Camera Systems

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  • theft prevention – A key benefit of having a video surveillance camera security system installed in a home or business is the security it offers with preventing theft from ever happening. Robbers and other criminals tend to think twice when they see cameras installed.
  • legal record of crime – One of the best things about a video surveillance camera system is the evidence it can provide in the event of a crime. In the workplace, surveillance cameras can catch evidence of sexual harassment as these systems can also record audio, sound, and voice. You will also be able to monitor employees if you suspect employee theft.
  • ability to build a network of security cameras – If your home or business is very large, you can have several cameras installed that are connected to a network. Each camera’s view can be fed to a central control room to be monitored by security personnel.
  • convenient monitoring from anywhere – You can access your surveillance camera feed on the Internet or CCTV. Some models even allow you to watch your home or business from your smartphone!

Disadvantages of Video Surveillance Camera Systems

  • cost – Probably the biggest downside of a video surveillance camera system is how expensive it is. For some systems, you must purchase the camera separately as well as something to store the video footage on, like CDs, tapes, or a computer dedicated to the camera. Additionally, you will need to buy software updates from time to time, and repairs to these systems can be quite costly.
  • difficult to use – If you are not a techie person, you may have a hard time learning how to use your video surveillance camera system as some systems can be very complex. However, you can always count on Unlimited Security to teach you how to use the system we will install.
  • privacy issues – This is mostly an issue for business owners. Employees can be offended by the presence of cameras in the breakroom and the backroom. A hidden video surveillance camera can cause problems in court if illegal behavior is recorded by the system. We recommend the business owner or manager hold a staff meeting to inform the employees about the surveillance cameras and to explain that the installation of these cameras is for their safety and security.

Have questions about video surveillance camera security systems? Contact Unlimited Security to discover whether this type of system is right for you.